Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Is Wrong With Your New Patient Consultation Offer?

What should my offer be?...

Why is this one of the most common questions chiropractors ask about screenings?

Is it the offer itself that makes a person sign up for or turn down a new patient consultation offer?

Does What You Are Offering Influence the Close At All?

It is a matter of basic arithmetic that the majority of people contacted at a screening do not become patients. This has become an acceptable norm to most screeners. Does this, however, have anything to do with what you are offering?

While many arguments could be forwarded to answer this question it is actually the wrong question to ask. It really has little or nothing to do with what you offer. In fact this problem exists even in spite of the greatest of offers ever made.

How Do People Who Accept Your Offer Differ From Those Who Do Not?

There has to be good reason for this person to take you up on anything you are offering. Further, it has to be his reason, not yours. Those who have accepted your offer and followed up found use for it. Those who turned you don found little or no use.

Everyone clearly needs chiropractic so it can seem odd why everyone wouldn't want a consultation with the doctor.

Have You Ever Turned Down Something Free?... Why?

Sure you have, even if you say you haven't. Undoubtedly you have ignored an offer that simply "doesn't apply to you" or that you have no use for. Ignoring an offer is indeed a refusal to accept it.

Have you ever seen an attorney advertisement that offered you a free consultation for a legal problem? If you have no legal problem, you have no use for the offer and ignore it, whereas someone in desperate need of legal advice responds.

It is therefore dependant on need. If you feel you need the service, you're interested in the offer. If you don't, you're not. Simple.

Do You Only Close The Ones Who 'Know They Need It'?

That would be a near complete waste of your time if it were true. Wouldn't it? You apparently do not need a coach or consultant to tell you that there are a minority of people who know what they need and would, at first glance, take you up on your offer. It is absurd to think that your only goal is to find them. Yes, they are valuable to find but the strategy of screenings has little to do with them.

The correct strategy has more to do with creating a need. It is not to interest the person in your offer. This is so true that your offer could be for something quite undesirable and the person would accept it if they were to suddenly become aware of a specific need they had and they knew your offer would somehow handle it for them. If a person is in need of something that your offer will apparently provide, they will accept it form you. If they know it is the next logical step, they will take it.

How Can You Get Prospects to Want Your Offer?

Screening skill is about getting a person to discover things about himself that a) he didn't know before or hadn't noticed, b) he is now wondering or concerned about and, c) he would now like to know more about. This is the simplicity of the process. There is little more to know.

The rest of what you need to know if how to achieve a, b and c above. There are precise steps you can take to effect that at your screenings and make more and more people interested in your offer.

It is truly easy to master.

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