Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Are the 3 Chiropractic Screening Mistakes That Guarantee a No-Show?

Did any screening prospects ever ask you for your card instead of accepting your special offer for a consultation or tell you they are not ready to do anything right now?

Have you gone into your close and had a new patient lead ask, "Well, can I just call the office to schedule?" or tell you "I have to check my calendar?" even though he works regular shifts or is holding his iPhone right there in front of you?

Has someone asked you toward the end of your screening, "Is there anything I can do on my own?"

These are the most popular ways new patient screening prospects balk at offers made by the best of chiropractic screeners which as a result have become the focus of much discussion, speculation and frustration to the end of whole theories and scripts being developed just to handle them.

Have You Ever Used a Script To Handle an Objection At a Screening?

Do you have a way of "answering objections" which you use to get new patient prospects to book appointments? Even if you merely are searching for good scripting to be so able, chances are you are doing three things to guarantee a no-show in your office. In exact sequence, they are:

1. First, Rehearsing and Using Scripted "Objection Handlings"
2. Then, Challenging and "Handling" the Objection
3. Then, Pushing Prospect To Book Despite Original Objection

These are the three errors that cause all of the trouble and, yes, booking the appointment is actually a big mistake, ridiculous though it may seem.

While you may be trying desperately to learn "how to handle objections" or looking for the magic words to do so, you probably have yet to find something that really works despite the broadest of search efforts you have made or the best of advice you have been given by top consultants and coaches. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Why Don't Scripted Objection Handlings Seem to Work?

You are actually looking in vain for solutions to the prospect "objections" problem. There is a distinct reason these objections come up in the first place and it has nothing to do with schedules, desire to call you in the future or any other reason prospective patients can dream up and feed you to escape the dreaded close. Therefore, taking up objections is pointless.

That said, don't take objections personally. They are seldom personal. As a matter of fact, in many cases, the person is seeking to look out for your feelings. In some way they seem to think that refusing you outright would somehow ruin you or at least your day. Some have even gone as far as booking the appointment with you to avoid this and, of course, didn't show. This probably accounts for most of your no-shows for an initial visit.

This is beside the point. If a person is rejecting your offer it is because something else is wrong.

What Do Rejections and Objections Actually Indicate?

To fully understand this, you must have an understanding of basic screening philosophy. While this is adequately covered in our online coaching and training resources, suffice to say there are a few factors about screening prospects you need to understand before knowing what it means when "the close didn't work" and the prospect is trying diligently to escape the clutches of "another salesman" trying to convince him of having to do something he doesn't wish to do by throwing out random and silly objections.

What do the objections actually indicate? They actually prove up whether or not you got the new patient prospect to look at the right things in the right sequence, if you gave him certain information to think with and carefully withheld other factors. It is a game of checks and balances and is a precision activity. Therefore the objection indicates you did not get the person to make some key decisions anyone needs to make in order to be even remotely interested in your offer. You merely violated a process and that has to be fixed before you can get a good solid close. Handling objections is an ignorance of that one fact alone.

What Do Nearly All Screeners Lack?

Neither absence of purpose nor depleted enthusiasm can be at fault. These are never to blame, for most screeners doing this job have a very strong sense of purpose to help others find out the truth about their health and want them to control their wellness "destinies" so to speak.

What they lack is understanding of who they are screening. This is not a psychological thing. It is not an understanding so much of what someone thinks in general or even how they think. It means that there is a state of mind specific to people who first visit chiropractic clinics, created by a series of conclusion the person himself made, with or without the help of another. It is an understanding of a thought process that will let a screener automatically know what to do and say to convince a person to visit the office. All scripts become obsolete at that very moment and objections are no longer a problem. They are actually prevented.

How Do You PREVENT Objections From Even Coming Up?

The answer is simple. Know the mindset of the person in front of you. When he walks up to you, know what he knows and thinks and what he will respond to. What he will respond to is something very specific and it is not what most chiropractic screeners are offering.

Once you strip away the key errors and then reveal the actual thought process to the screener so as to create the ability to "think on his feet", he can succeed without robotic scripting. In other words, teach him to know what his prospect is thinking, what he knows, what he needs to know and what he shouldn't come to know at the screening and you have arrived. Objections start to disappear and no-shows become less frequent.

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